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FRIENDS ONLY - comment to be added please. ♥
my name's michelle and i'm from ontario, canada.
i'll probably accept the request no matter who you are. :) it would be nice if we have some common interests though. a majority of my posts are about my real life (which are boring, i warn you ;A;) and arashi (ohno and jun owning my heart at the moment), but i do have posts about other fandoms too. really, if you want to be my friend, then i want to be yours! :D

g r a p h i c s    x    t w i t t e r

Date: 2009-11-06 10:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL agreed! XD and we would be too distracted to work properly lolol. if there were ever like.. an essay that tells us write about our favourite celebrity we like to fangirl about, we would be like SLFJDKLS 8DD